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Monday, July 26, 2021

Etheard Joseph: Sincere Storytelling

Etheard, we are so thankful for accepting our invitation and talking to us about your works and art career. Tell us about your artistic background story and if there was a pivotal moment when you decided to follow your path as a visual artist?

Since I was a young child, I can recall having a passion for drawing sketching doodling. I've always found Joy, Beauty, Magic, mystery, in creating art. The pivotal moment was when I decided to truly follow my passion I would say it's probably in my early twenties I felt I had something to say to the world and Creating art would be the best way to express it.

Yes, that’s true. Art is one of the ways by which you can share your feelings, ideas, and words with the world. Was there ever a moment of doubt to question your art career entirely?

Doubt is that silent fear that hinders so many of us at times. There were times in the past when I would have doubts I no longer have doubts anymore. I would wonder why I want to create art, what's the purpose of my work, what's the meaning behind my work, how would people react to my work. I overcame these feelings by believing in myself, My work is my self-expression to the world. I continue creating art. I will continue to create art because I have so many more stories to tell.

Great. It seems you live your whole life surrounded by art to express your feelings and stories. What is your daily routine when working in your studio?

I enjoy working in the early morning. I'll work on numerous projects at once. Some of the projects intertwine with each other, and at times as I'm painting one piece and another idea will spark, and I'll start another project based on that previous idea I had.

It's so exciting! Sometimes while creating work, several ideas may emerge and support each other. Now, take us through your process of making your artwork. How do you move from an idea to an artwork? Where does an artwork begin for you?

I paint on large canvases because I have so much to say. When I’m painting, I use brushes, my bare hands, and other tools. That is the most compelling way to communicate with the viewer.
It all depends on what I'm thinking of but that particular time. It could be driving an idea pop into my head. I'll pull over sketch it on a piece of paper piece of napkin. Once I have the idea it varies how long it will take me. It takes me weeks overthinking, pondering, revisiting, and redrawing until I feel it's the right moment to start painting and in some other instances I just take that to Canvas and I start it all depending on what the work is.
An artwork begins in my head. I think about it a lot. I think about what I'm working on now. I think about what I'm going to be creating next. I think about different variations of what I've done. I'm always thinking about my work.

Some artists want to express a common concept in different ways in all their works of art, while others instill different notions in each of their artworks. Is there a central concept connecting all your works together or each series or artwork is unique?

The central theme that connects all my work together is The beauty of life. I use different symbols, metaphors colors to evoke the beauty and meanings in my work.

You use symbols and specific colors in your paintings, and also definite titles. So, the meaning of some of your works is noticeable, but in some others, it is hidden. Would you like to give a particular interpretation of your work to your viewers or you prefer to leave the whole interpretation to your audience?

Have you ever looked up at the sky on a late beautiful warm summer night, and been consumed by the universe? While you are gazing at the stars, your mind starts to wander, and you are unconsciously asking; why are we here, and where do we fit in? Are there other Universes where I could also exist? And, what would I look like?

Awesome! For each painting, you choose shapes and colors respectively to reflect how you feel when the thought or dream comes to you. How do you seek and use inspiration for your works?

I am inspired by the life, and everything else in between, books, the beauty in nature, I am fascinated by outer space, science, and science fiction.

What about your subjects? How do you select your artworks subjects? Where they come from?

Many of my subjects are a representation of the human body traveling through space. I wonder what would happen to the human body after passing through a wormhole or a black hole. I have heard theories such as the body becoming spaghetti strings-like.

Which of your artworks are you most proud of? Is there an artwork or series that you would like to be remembered for? And if yes, what is it?

Size: 48in x 72in Subject Matter : Abstract Oil and acrylic paint on canvas

The Gathering
Size 48in x 72in Subject Matter : Abstract acrylic paint on board

I am
Size :48in x 72in Subject Matter : Abstract Oil and acrylic paint on canvas

The Encounter
Size: 108in x 144in Subject Matter : Abstract Oil and acrylic paint on canvas

Divine Existence
Size: 108in x 144in Subject Matter : Abstract Oil and acrylic paint on canvas

Our readers can communicate with your paintings through the most compelling concepts, tools, colors, and shapes you choose. So, they are waiting for your future artworks. Any upcoming works or future projects that you would like to share with our readers?

There are a few future projects on the way, one of them is to create our scale sculptures of some of the subjects in the paintings. Another project is to create large-scale 20 feet by 20 feet paintings.

Let's go back to ancient times! What are your art influences? Who are your favorite contemporary or historical artists and why?

Over the years, I have admired the work of the following artist. Each one of those artists has influenced me in some ways at different periods in my career. They are listed In no particular order Leonardo da Vinci, Vincent van Gogh, Jasper John, Pablo Picasso, Paul Gauguin, M. C. Escher, Paul Cezanne, Henri Matisse, Salvador Dali.

And, if you could meet one of your ideal artists from the past, who would it be and what will you ask about?

If I could meet one artist from the past, it would have to be Leonardo da Vinci. I would ask him what his source of inspiration was to create so many diverse bodies of work.

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